Jed Rogers

Owner/Head Trainer

As a United States Marine, with 3 combat deployments under his belt, Jed knows and understands the true meaning of training and hard work. After being introduced to CrossFit while serving in the Marines, he realized the importance of CrossFit and how it physically and mentally prepared him for his upcoming missions. Once completing his service in the Marines at the age of 26, never having played football at any level, Jed played and started 2 years of junior college football, and earned a Division 1 scholarship. He credits his athletic success in football completely to CrossFit and its athletic methods.

Jed has an extensive amount of training and coaching athletes from junior high all the way to the professional level. He dedicates 100% of his time to teaching, coaching, and training every individual that steps foot in our doors.

  • • CrossFit Level 1 trainer
  • • CrossFit Level 2 trainer
  • • CrossFit Olympic weightlifting coach
  • • USAW certified Olympic weightlifting coach
  • • CrossFit Advanced Level Olympic Weight Coach