Our Programs

CrossFit Amite is a strength and conditioning gym. Our mission is to develop individuals and athletes to reach their maximum level of fitness. We succeed in reaching our goals through the proven methods of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements, which is CrossFit. Here at CrossFit of Amite we have developed an extremely close and supportive community. We embrace the “suck” and attack our weaknesses to become fitter than ever. We want you to join us and become part of our family!

01 Getting Started - One on One Elements

All of our members meet with a coach before training in classes. This allow us the opportunity to talk with you individually about nutrition, goals, learn some of the lifts and movements and ensure that you feel comfortable before training with other athletes.

02 CrossFit

These are the daily classes and routines that are performed by the individuals who have passed the fundamentals program. This is where you will maximize your efficiency in the constantly varied, high intensity functional movement method. You will become proficient in Olympic weightlifting, high intensity cardio, powerlifting and basic gymnastics.

03 Fundamentals

Are you hesitant about joining CrossFit due to a lack of confidence in your gym knowledge or ability? Well this program is perfect for you! This is the lower intensity program where you will be carefully assessed and taught the basics of CrossFit. We will develop your strength, conditioning, and skills before introducing you to the main CrossFit classes.

04 Strength & Conditioning

We offer private and team strength & conditioning services to athletes and teams of all sports and disciplines. We can help you or your athletes develop more power, strength, speed and agility! We accomplish this through our expertise and methods in Olympic weightlifting and strength training. Whether you or your team needs to work on a specific aspect of S&C, such as strength, power, speed/agility or perhaps your whole team needs a complete S&C program, we will provide an elite level of programing and success for your goals.